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If you are looking for the best tool for improving your preferred style of playing you are at the right place! We produce paddles  made from different wood arts and unique handles without any other examples. Our blades are perfect match combination between new technical woven materials with pure wood selected veneers and wood.


This five-layer surface brings more precision and feel to your offensive game. Increases the power of your attack and gives you security with more passive strokes. It’s perfect for looping from close or mid distance. Suitable for offensive and defensive play. Characteristics: Speed 7, Control 8, Hardness 5.


Five-layer wood surface with excellent feeling and control, unique wood Excalibur Off. Suitable for all types of attacks. The soft inner layers give the necessary sensitivity and the harder outer force the direct and top spin shots. Characteristics: speed 8, control 7, hardness 6. An offensive and precise blade for all situations.

*Coming soon*

 All our blades will also be in dimensions specially adapted for persons with disabilities.


Blades of Glory

Price varies depending on the options you choose for each blade