KIKINDA – That our nation is an inexhaustible source of  innovation these days, confirmed by a group of young table tennis players and coaches led by Kikinda, superliga coach and player Nikola Popov and tennis and table tennis enthusiast Sara Grbić, who has continued her family carpentry work for more than half a century. These days, they have been promoting a new Serbian sport brand, Saralis table tennis blade, which is being manufactured in Kikinda. 

The reason for launching the production of a new blades, how these two Kikindians see, is that the constructions of already existing world brands do not completely satisfy the tastes of modern table tennis game, so the existing shortcomings, through their experience and the players’ experience, have been decided to replace, and above all this refers to a new form of handle and blade that will be able to meet the personal needs and tastes of each player.

“The advantage of a “Saralis” blade is that we  make it according to the wishes of the players who are able to choose the type of wood, whether they want it to be more offensive or defensive. So players will be able to choose their best combination. We are sure that our Serbian blade will soon become competitive with the already existing global brands.”- says table tennis player and coach Nikola Popov.

Sara continued her grandfather and father’s family carpentry tradition for almost sixty years.

“In cooperation with our table tennis friends, we decided to enter this project. There is great excitement at our family company, especially because it is something new in this area and offers great business challenges. Our goal is to make our blades recognizable not only on the territory of our country, but also beyond, and above all Serbian table tennis players to win the world’s greatest medals with our blades.” -young innovator Sara Grbić speaks with great enthusiasm.

The first rehearsals of “Saralis” blades and presentations were made in Novi Sad at the Table Tennis Club “Panonija” and at the Table Tennis Club of Persons with Disabilities “Tvrdjava 021”, as well as at the Paralympic Center in Verona, Italy. Serbian  national para player, Ana Prvulović, will be the first table tennis player to play with a blade of home-made “Saralis”.

Source: RTV (Ljubenko Zvizdić) 26. maj 2019.